Grrr baby… Verrrry grrrr!

While I loved the “nude M&M” spot, the commercial that had our friends bursting out laughing was the Fiat Abarth piece with the sexy woman acosting the geeky looky-lou…

We collectively groaned at the “Tear jerker” Chrysler commercial and kept yelling out “brought to you by (insert political candidate name)” and other “inspirational” sarcastic phrases as seemed appropriate/inappropriate…

The Bud Light commercial with the scruffy dog named “Weego”was a nice surprise. I was happy to see the “Help Rescue Dogs” message at the end as well.

While I didn’t have a horse in the race, I really enjoyed the game and was surprisingly happy/excited for the Giants! What a great evening.

One more time! Fiat Abarth!

Weego the Beer dog story!

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