Werkin’ It Out

I’ve had a roller-coaster of “health and wellness” levels in my life.

Early 1990s
In High School, I was actually quite fit and didn’t really know it. Participating in the Marching Band as the 4th Bass Drummer is a great way to get/stay “fit.” I was also on the Tennis team albeit being “last seed” is basically a nice way of not having to say no to everyone who tried out…
Average Weight – 165

Late 1990s
In College, I got lazy and discovered 1LB boxes of Cheez-Its and Playstation. Ridge Racer baby! Ugh. I was reasonably in shape due to the large amounts of walking and having a dorm room on the top floor and no working elevator. I tried a little here and there to get active; Wally-ball, Golf, and a little Nordictrac every now and then helped, but wasn’t enough.
Average Weight – 190

After I got settled into a “career path” and getting married, I pretty much let my health and wellness go. And go… annnnnnd go… I always had good intentions and a desire to be healthier, but would act on them rarely or give up soon thereafter. Take-out, fast-food, snacks, and way to much TV take their toll.
Average Weight – 215

Post-divorce. After a succession of jobs and other situations that I didn’t necessarily love, and having been forced to move home (mortgage and apartment payment just wasn’t feasible) due to monetary restraints: I decided to make some changes. I started eating better, and portioning properly. I began walking my dog like he (and I) needed to be walked. I started dating. I got a GREAT new job.
The accumulation of all of the changes did wonders. I got off my ass and started a Couch-to-5K program with an awesome group of people in East Nashville (EAST NASTY!). I dated some more. I did the Country Music 1/2 Marathon!!? Two years prior to this feat, I couldn’t have imagined EVER doing this: finishing in 2:16:38!! This is a pace (10:26/mile) that even up until today I have a hard time fathoming that I maintained for TWO HOURS AND SIXTEEN MINUTES.
Average Weight – 172

2011 and Onward
I’ve maintained a lot of the benefits health-wise, but have backslid a bit on my diet. From a low of 172lbs, I’m now hovering around 185… I’m walking the 1/2 Marathon this year with my family, and am considering P90X, Insanity, or something similar to get me back where I want to be and even past that. I CAN AND WILL.
I’ve met someone (stopped dating!) I love and after a year together, we’re getting a place together around May. She’s a little whip, so I have no doubt that we can work together to get, and stay, HEALTHY!
Average Weight – 180 (and going down… 🙂


100% effort brah.

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick.

Some links I find interesting:
Beach Body! – A great range of workout video series that fit most styles, aptitudes, and goals…
Simplefit.com – Says it all. Found out about it at Lifehacker.
RunKeeper – I can’t begin to tell you how useful this is. I use it EVERYTIME.



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