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Spring Cleaning

It was about time.

I decided to update my “website” today. In the midst of a whirlwind of “pre-work” for the Nashville Software School Bootcamp I am starting in May, I thought I would go ahead and throw a few hours at my WordPress blog. I have a feeling that soon enough I’ll be using this space very differently. Will I keep it as a journal? Will it die as I learn how to do everything I was using it to do for me?

I feel like I am learning everything over again. With this change in my career I feel as though I will see things much clearer, and will be thinning out my footprint somewhat if not just finally knowing WHERE TO STEP. The repetition of output (essentially repeating everything I say/do on the same social media everyone already sees) is certainly going to get cut back. FOCUS the message appropriate to the delivery method. Learn to TWEET properly – FINALLY. Try to understand the soapbox of Facebook, and how to better communicate to my friends and family, not just talk/yell at a wall.

Going to go get back to my Team Treehouse exercises now. That <div> ain’t gonna close itself…

my standing desk

My standing desk… 😉