I made a shirt(s).

inglewood tshirt

Tee time


Short story long- (some might have seen this “story already” šŸ˜‰
So I was up late last night and thought i would like to have an Inglewood shirt, googled around and came across teespring (which still didn’t have any) and started playing around with the “shirt maker” feature and this kinda just happened!? I started with text only, then i tried “putting a bird on it”, then i put some trees growing off it, then i saw a plank, which (short story, long) led me to the log. 

BOOM DONE. Staying up late ftw!


It kinda sucks cause i gotta still pay full price for one!? šŸ˜›

Here’s the link! https://teespring.com/inglewoodtn

Oh, and there’s a Brent”wood” version too!

Photoshop is the new… Me?

I am a high end photography retoucher. Every couple years Adobe releases a refreshed and amazing new tool, chock full of terrific and mind-boggling ways of getting things done in the worlds of photography, design, and meme-generation. They call it Photoshop. Well with Adobe Photoshop CS6, there are a smattering of new features that aim to make my job more “button click-y” than “skilled work-y.” I’m sure I’m just exaggerating a bit here, as this kind of hysterical, rediculous rhetoric has been thrown around with pretty much every PS release (see “internet comments” on the “internet”), but THIS time “blah blah blah…” šŸ˜‰

I’m sure I’ll still be able to skillfully remove tattoos, carefully sculpt a jawline or lovehandle, blissfully extend an image 4″ to the left (right, ANNNND bottom), and patiently even out pocked/acne-d/razor-burned flesh tones as per usual… Right?

Content-aware “move”? Gotta love it…

“These Small Things” Magazine is done!

Hey guys and gals!

Get one!IĀ  finished the magazine I have been working on commemorating the “These Small Things” exhibit that I had a couple months back at Blend Studio in the Nashville Arcade. I am SO PROUD of the kids and hope that you check it out! The magazines are printed through MagCloud and I am really happy with the quality, turnaround, and the company as a whole!

From the original Press Release:

“Featuring new works by Eric Denton, Haddie Salchow, Ethan Howard, Caroline Howard, and Chad Gocking; the show is curated by all participants, and showcases the variety of styles amongst the participants.”

My photography page on Facebook!

While it’s not perfect, Facebook does have a pretty decent way to get your work out there to people you actually know! It’s (sadly) probably the best collection of my work yet, and I’m enjoying trying to “datamine” the “Insights” that they provide to page holders!

Please feel free to become a Fan, or just poke around in there!

PS-Ā  Happy New Year!

First Saturday Crawl / Nashville Arcade

Nashville art lovers –

This weekend will be the second coming of the “Connect with a Cause” show at the Blend space, and another iteration of the Monthly “First Saturday Crawl,” which is becoming kind of a big deal! Please come on out after you recover from your New Years Celebrations and see what the local art scene has been up to!

Ramping up…

I am implementing a “snowball effect” initiative for all of my online presences! After I organize my work/photos/documents, I will be rolling out changes to all of my “sites.” Nothing too fancy, but needed and recognized: hopefully soon to be realized!

I will also be removing my “Whiskerino” set from my Flickr account, as it is backed up on the original site, and will possibly be moved/added to my Facebook images.

I will also be helping my father get a blog going in the near future. Any recommendations out there? (Templates, widgets, SEO, etc?)