Photoshop is the new… Me?

I am a high end photography retoucher. Every couple years Adobe releases a refreshed and amazing new tool, chock full of terrific and mind-boggling ways of getting things done in the worlds of photography, design, and meme-generation. They call it Photoshop. Well with Adobe Photoshop CS6, there are a smattering of new features that aim to make my job more “button click-y” than “skilled work-y.” I’m sure I’m just exaggerating a bit here, as this kind of hysterical, rediculous rhetoric has been thrown around with pretty much every PS release (see “internet comments” on the “internet”), but THIS time “blah blah blah…” 😉

I’m sure I’ll still be able to skillfully remove tattoos, carefully sculpt a jawline or lovehandle, blissfully extend an image 4″ to the left (right, ANNNND bottom), and patiently even out pocked/acne-d/razor-burned flesh tones as per usual… Right?

Content-aware “move”? Gotta love it…

My photography page on Facebook!

While it’s not perfect, Facebook does have a pretty decent way to get your work out there to people you actually know! It’s (sadly) probably the best collection of my work yet, and I’m enjoying trying to “datamine” the “Insights” that they provide to page holders!

Please feel free to become a Fan, or just poke around in there!

PS-  Happy New Year!

Ramping up…

I am implementing a “snowball effect” initiative for all of my online presences! After I organize my work/photos/documents, I will be rolling out changes to all of my “sites.” Nothing too fancy, but needed and recognized: hopefully soon to be realized!

I will also be removing my “Whiskerino” set from my Flickr account, as it is backed up on the original site, and will possibly be moved/added to my Facebook images.

I will also be helping my father get a blog going in the near future. Any recommendations out there? (Templates, widgets, SEO, etc?)


SNAP Pushpin Show 2009

SNAP (Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers) present its 4th annual “Pushpin Show,” an artistic photography exhibit.

“It’s all about the image.” That is the emphasis of the SNAP groups annual photography exhibit at the Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative space in the Historic Nashville Arcade. With no mats or frames, the photography itself becomes the one and only focal point and is able to “speak” to the viewers in a new way.

This photography show will incorporate a diverse selection of printing and camera methods, photographic subjects, and photographers. We will be featuring the work of Paul Beavers, Ralph Smith, Pierre Vreyen, Carl Lambert, Emily Naff, Ron Coons as well as other SNAP members.

More information available at and

This years poster...

SNAP Pushpin Show
Opening Saturday, November 7th, 2009
6-9 PM
This show will be up until November 22nd

Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative
24 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219

MAP To the Arcade!

We are getting some great press!

Local Coverage!

It’s always nice to get some coverage in the local papers and media! It really helps when you get your press releases and other notifications out there in advance…

I should be hanging the show tomorrow night if all goes as planned, and I will also be setting up an area to sell prints of the new work and my old photography. All of my profits will go toward a new camera for the schools, so bring your wallet/checkbook/credit cards/etc! We’ve also got a Paypal donation page if you prefer!

Local Media Outlets:

Local Blogs:

These Small Things – Update!

Photos by Eric D, Ethan H, Haddie S, Chad G, Caroline H

Photos by Eric D, Ethan H, Haddie S, Chad G, Caroline H

The mentoring portion of my upcoming show at Blend Studio (click!) is going really well! The kids all seem really excited everyweek, and we have a few laughs, and take a lot of photos. Everyone has their own demeanor and “style” and I am really glad that I signed on to do this show… This week I was awarded my first grant from the UNTITLED Nashville group, and am extra pumped as a result!

Blend has been kind enough to set up a Paypal donation page for me, so if you feel like parting with some cash it would be for a great cause! I have had some great donators so far and would like to thank them all properly (I’ll make a printout for display at the show!). So far I have 4 cameras, and I would still like to get many more… If you feel like donation a camera to a good cause, let me know or check out the Blend website for more info!