I made a shirt(s).

inglewood tshirt

Tee time


Short story long- (some might have seen this “story already” 😉
So I was up late last night and thought i would like to have an Inglewood shirt, googled around and came across teespring (which still didn’t have any) and started playing around with the “shirt maker” feature and this kinda just happened!? I started with text only, then i tried “putting a bird on it”, then i put some trees growing off it, then i saw a plank, which (short story, long) led me to the log. 

BOOM DONE. Staying up late ftw!


It kinda sucks cause i gotta still pay full price for one!? 😛

Here’s the link! https://teespring.com/inglewoodtn

Oh, and there’s a Brent”wood” version too!