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I think it’s funny how over the course of life you somehow gravitate toward what you were always meant to do, almost regardless of the paths you may choose. While my siblings and I were always creative, it was never “pushed” on us, yet we all ended up in creative careers. I went to school for “Business Management” and “Marketing,” yet somehow ended up a Graphic Designer and Photographer…

A Graphic Designer is what I feel I was meant to be.  I can incorporate my ideas, my photography, and my eye to create something from nothing.  I enjoy starting with a blank document and thinking through the wheres, hows, and whys of the eventual final piece.  Learning from scratch was a great experience, as I didn’t have any hand holding, expectations, or rules to color my creations.  The rules came later: white space, flow, color harmonies, and so on.  I can’t imagine doing anything that didn’t involve design and/or creativity.

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