Recursion! With Cats and Zombies!

Just sharing an article here…

Recursion Explained with the Flood Fill Algorithm (and Zombies and Cats)

New Music!

New releases by Isaiah Rashad, Vince StaplesKa, and Young Thug… I’m pumped! I’ve felt like I’ve been in a vacuum these last few months music wise, and a quick pop into new releases on Spotify and subsequent look at Pitchfork PAID OFF.

All of these guys have very interesting and unique personas and voices, and if you haven’t tried them in the past, I would suggest you do!

Isaiah Rashad feels like an everyman Kendrick with a nice southern lean.

Vince Staples is just amazing. I would compare him to a modern day incarnation of Ice Cube with a Black Thought twist. This video is awesome by the way.

Ka is like a leaned up Kurious and a lost Wu-Tang member fused together in 2017 (yeah 2017).

Young Thug is Young Thug. Ever since I heard his “I Came from Nothing 2,” I was hooked. Barter 6 is amazing if you haven’t listened to it. He doesn’t have any visuals yet for the new album, so I’ll just put this here for you…

Other recent releases I’ve been loving: KAYTRANADA, Archy Marshall (a lil older), Frankie Cosmos, Whitney,  Kamaiyah, and Big Thief… I feel like 2016 has been a pretty strong year for music!

I made a shirt(s).

inglewood tshirt

Tee time


Short story long- (some might have seen this “story already” 😉
So I was up late last night and thought i would like to have an Inglewood shirt, googled around and came across teespring (which still didn’t have any) and started playing around with the “shirt maker” feature and this kinda just happened!? I started with text only, then i tried “putting a bird on it”, then i put some trees growing off it, then i saw a plank, which (short story, long) led me to the log. 

BOOM DONE. Staying up late ftw!


It kinda sucks cause i gotta still pay full price for one!? 😛

Here’s the link!

Oh, and there’s a Brent”wood” version too!