Cameras for Kids – a Call for Donations!

Cameras For Kids!

“These Small Things”

Call for Donations

The experience of creation, exploration, and realization can be a strong aid in a child’s social and mental development. Expression is a vital part of being human; be it verbal, physical, written, or in art. The development of a particular persons “being” comes from all external forces and influences, and benefits greatly from a creative outlet.

Now more than ever, today’s students are being deprived of art and expression. Our schools are struggling to budget for the children’s best interests, yet Art is typically the first area to see cuts come it’s way, if Art is even offered at all.

This is my attempt to help.

My name is Eric Denton; I am a photographer, and I am in a position to do something. My goal is to get cameras and photography in our children’s lives; to document life, create works of art, and spread the skills of this art form.

My objective is to get as many digital camera’s into the Sumner County school system as I can. They will be available as a unit for teachers across the county to check out.

This is where I need YOUR help. There are three ways to help me achieve my goal:

  1. Donate your hard earned money. I don’t ask for this lightly, and appreciate EVERY penny (and so will the children).
  2. Donate your digital cameras and equipment that you feel could use a better home. We will treat them all with respect and dignity – it’s like the farm your parents talked about when “Scruffy” had to go away, but real!
  3. Buy my artwork. I am donating ALL PROFITS from my photography sales in my recent and upcoming shows toward the new cameras: this really means a lot to me!

Please contact myself or the wonderful purveyors of BLEND Studio if you have any questions, would like to make a donation, or have suggestions. We can help make a difference in our children’s lives!

Thank you!
Eric Denton

Blend Studio
79 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219
Online at

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