A Graduation, a Vacation, and a Couple Conferences…

Another 1am-ish blog posting!

November has been a really busy month for me and my family:

In between these social/educational/networking events I took some time to:

  • catch up on six months of sleep.
  • vote.
  • have a nice little “staycation” with my wife and 3 month old (3 MONTHS ALREADY!?).
  • plant three red maple trees in the front yard that I’ve been meaning to do since we moved here a couple years ago.
  • meet some good friends and contacts for lunch or a beer(s) to try to catch up
  • do a lot of “dad-ing” with my little buddy when my wife went back to work after her maternity leave was up.

Soon we’ll gallup into the Holiday season with Thanksgiving and the whole “Black Friday”/”Cyber Monday” shopping  insanity!

“Needless” to say, I haven’t really gotten my job search muscles flexed much yet, and my plan is to really hit the ground running in December (a notoriously slow hiring time of the year)! It’s been nice to take a few “slow” weeks after graduation to collect myself and my thoughts, but I’m itching to get out in the real world and make things happen.

I’m taking lunch chats, coffee talks, beer breaks, and anything else I can think of with people I admire, past NSS grads, Meetup pals, and more! I really can’t wait to get out there and learn more about the possibilities and opportunities that might come down the line.