“These Small Things” Magazine is done!

Hey guys and gals!

Get one!I  finished the magazine I have been working on commemorating the “These Small Things” exhibit that I had a couple months back at Blend Studio in the Nashville Arcade. I am SO PROUD of the kids and hope that you check it out! The magazines are printed through MagCloud and I am really happy with the quality, turnaround, and the company as a whole!

From the original Press Release:

“Featuring new works by Eric Denton, Haddie Salchow, Ethan Howard, Caroline Howard, and Chad Gocking; the show is curated by all participants, and showcases the variety of styles amongst the participants.”

My photography page on Facebook!

While it’s not perfect, Facebook does have a pretty decent way to get your work out there to people you actually know! It’s (sadly) probably the best collection of my work yet, and I’m enjoying trying to “datamine” the “Insights” that they provide to page holders!

Please feel free to become a Fan, or just poke around in there!

PS-  Happy New Year!

SNAP Pushpin Show 2009

SNAP (Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers) present its 4th annual “Pushpin Show,” an artistic photography exhibit.

“It’s all about the image.” That is the emphasis of the SNAP groups annual photography exhibit at the Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative space in the Historic Nashville Arcade. With no mats or frames, the photography itself becomes the one and only focal point and is able to “speak” to the viewers in a new way.

This photography show will incorporate a diverse selection of printing and camera methods, photographic subjects, and photographers. We will be featuring the work of Paul Beavers, Ralph Smith, Pierre Vreyen, Carl Lambert, Emily Naff, Ron Coons as well as other SNAP members.

More information available at http://www.snapnashville.org and http://www.plowhaus.org

This years poster...

SNAP Pushpin Show
Opening Saturday, November 7th, 2009
6-9 PM
This show will be up until November 22nd

Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative
24 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219

MAP To the Arcade!

We are getting some great press!

Local Coverage!

It’s always nice to get some coverage in the local papers and media! It really helps when you get your press releases and other notifications out there in advance…

I should be hanging the show tomorrow night if all goes as planned, and I will also be setting up an area to sell prints of the new work and my old photography. All of my profits will go toward a new camera for the schools, so bring your wallet/checkbook/credit cards/etc! We’ve also got a Paypal donation page if you prefer!

Local Media Outlets:

Local Blogs:

These Small Things – Update!

Photos by Eric D, Ethan H, Haddie S, Chad G, Caroline H

Photos by Eric D, Ethan H, Haddie S, Chad G, Caroline H

The mentoring portion of my upcoming show at Blend Studio (click!) is going really well! The kids all seem really excited everyweek, and we have a few laughs, and take a lot of photos. Everyone has their own demeanor and “style” and I am really glad that I signed on to do this show… This week I was awarded my first grant from the UNTITLED Nashville group, and am extra pumped as a result!

Blend has been kind enough to set up a Paypal donation page for me, so if you feel like parting with some cash it would be for a great cause! I have had some great donators so far and would like to thank them all properly (I’ll make a printout for display at the show!). So far I have 4 cameras, and I would still like to get many more… If you feel like donation a camera to a good cause, let me know or check out the Blend website for more info! http://blendstudio.wordpress.com

Cameras for Kids – a Call for Donations!

Cameras For Kids!

“These Small Things”

Call for Donations

The experience of creation, exploration, and realization can be a strong aid in a child’s social and mental development. Expression is a vital part of being human; be it verbal, physical, written, or in art. The development of a particular persons “being” comes from all external forces and influences, and benefits greatly from a creative outlet.

Now more than ever, today’s students are being deprived of art and expression. Our schools are struggling to budget for the children’s best interests, yet Art is typically the first area to see cuts come it’s way, if Art is even offered at all.

This is my attempt to help.

My name is Eric Denton; I am a photographer, and I am in a position to do something. My goal is to get cameras and photography in our children’s lives; to document life, create works of art, and spread the skills of this art form.

My objective is to get as many digital camera’s into the Sumner County school system as I can. They will be available as a unit for teachers across the county to check out.

This is where I need YOUR help. There are three ways to help me achieve my goal:

  1. Donate your hard earned money. I don’t ask for this lightly, and appreciate EVERY penny (and so will the children).
  2. Donate your digital cameras and equipment that you feel could use a better home. We will treat them all with respect and dignity – it’s like the farm your parents talked about when “Scruffy” had to go away, but real!
  3. Buy my artwork. I am donating ALL PROFITS from my photography sales in my recent and upcoming shows toward the new cameras: this really means a lot to me!

Please contact myself or the wonderful purveyors of BLEND Studio if you have any questions, would like to make a donation, or have suggestions. We can help make a difference in our children’s lives!

Thank you!
Eric Denton

Blend Studio
79 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219
Online at www.blendstudio.wordpress.com

Featured Shows:

Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative
“Value Menu 2009”
July 11, 2009 / 1st Saturday Crawl / up through July 25th
6-9 PM
Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative (NEW SPACE!)
24 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219

Downtown Presbyterian Church w/SNAP
August 1, 2009 / 1st Saturday Crawl / up through August
6-9 PM
The Downtown Presbyterian Church
154 5th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37219

Blend Studios
“These Small Things”
September 5, 2009 / 1st Saturday Crawl / up through September
6-9 PM
Blend Studio
79 Arcade
Nashville, TN 37219

November 1st Art Shows

  • SNAP and Connect 12 Show Posters
  • SNAP and Connect 12 Show Posters
  • Hello everyone!

    I am late as usual with stuff like this, and considering I organized the SNAP event it’s kind of silly! I have two art shows coming up this Saturday, and they both will be on the First Saturday Art Crawl which means that you could park at one and ride the shuttle to the other, and also to other openings that night.

    Connect 12 Artist Collective / 6-9pm / up November 1st – 30th
    Downtown Presbyterian Church is located at 254 5th Avenue North in Nashville

    SNAP Clothespin/Pushpin / 6-10pm / up November 1st – 15th
    Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative is located at 808 Broadway in Nashville on the second floor of the Tennessee Art League (TAL)

    Below are the press releases for the show:

    Connect 12 Artist Collective At the Downtown Presbyterian Church

    (Nashville, TN) – The Connect 12 Artist Collective is pleased to present their exhibition at the Downtown Presbyterian Church, from November 1 through November 30. An opening reception for the group will be held on Saturday, November 1, from 6 – 9 p.m., in conjunction with the First Saturday Art Crawl.  In addition, the group will hold two informal artist talks at the Church, at 1 p.m. on Saturday November 8 and on November 15.

    Ben Vitualla brought his peers together for the first Connect 12 show last September at Dangenart Gallery.  The inaugural show not only brought critical acclaim for the collective of Nashville-based artists, but also served to inspire them each to produce better, more exploratory works of art. The simple philosophy of the group is to promote individual growth through exploration of craft and content.

    As diverse as the artists, so are their crafts, methods and statements.  Viewers should expect the variety of media at this fall’s show to include interactive performances, fiber arts, photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting and mixed media. Content will range from reflections on the current political instabilities to explorations of the whimsy of coloring books.  Many of the artists are continuing personal themes: Daniel Lai will showcase his familiar “creation by destruction” burnt art pieces, while Erika Johnson’s site-specific installation “Saved” will delve into the issues of financial crisis, (in)security, paranoia and poverty. Samantha Callahan’s work will continue to explore female body modification, and Shana Kohnstamm’s figurative paintings will deal with the human conditions of stress, fearlessness, and peace.

    Exhibiting artists include Alesandra Bellos, Jimi Benedict, Rick Bradley, Samantha Callahan, Eric Denton, Tiffany Denton, Chris Hill, Stacey Irvin, Sean Jewett, Erika Johnson, Shana Kohnstamm, Daniel Lai, Andee Rudloff and Ben Vitualla.

    Who:  Connect 12 Artist Collective
    What:  Opening reception Connect 12
    When:  Saturday, November 1, 2008 6pm to 9pm
    Where:  Downtown Presbyterian Church is located at 254 5th Avenue North in Nashville




    The Society of Nashville Artistic Photographers (SNAP) presents it’s the 4th Annual PUSHPIN/CLOTHESPIN Show.  This gallery show will feature the work of  21 SNAP members who range from commercial and exhibition photographers to high end amateurs.  Their unframed pieces will be on display and available for purchase at the Plowhaus Gallery beginning Saturday November 1st.

    Exhibitors include Eric Denton, Stefan Engstrom, Denny Adcock, Emily Naff, Nick Dantona, Shelly Santana, Kay Ramming, Jerry Atnip, Rebekah Pope, Barry Noland, Zak Willis, Wendy Whittemore, John Brassil, Jim Bruner, Jerry Park, Laura Carpenter, Brent Spears, Martha Smith, Erika Johnson, Pierre Vreyen and  Al Levenson.  Images range from traditional photo prints to archival inkjet prints to platinum/palladium prints.

    An opening reception will be held at the Plowhaus Gallery Saturday, November 1 from 6 to 10 PM.  The Gallery is located on the second floor of the Tennessee Art League building at 808 Broadway, Nashville, TN.  The exhibit will be open the following 2 Saturdays, November 8 and November 15 from 10 am to 4 pm.

    The Society for Nashville’s Artistic Photographers provides a forum for presenting and discussing member’s work in formal and informal settings. Members foster artistic growth through an open dialog of insightful criticism and feedback.  The group will endorse and engage in local and regional photographic exhibitions and activities. We are dedicated to inspiring photographers and promoting photographic art in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Who:  SNAP
    What:  Opening reception Pushpin/Clothespin Show
    When:  Saturday, November 1, 2008 6pm to 10pm
    Where:  The Plowhaus Gallery, 808 Broadway, Nashville, TN



    Thanks again!
    Eric D
    (not to toot my own horn, but I made the posters for both events… I’m kind of a big deal…  😉