Photoshop is the new… Me?

I am a high end photography retoucher. Every couple years Adobe releases a refreshed and amazing new tool, chock full of terrific and mind-boggling ways of getting things done in the worlds of photography, design, and meme-generation. They call it Photoshop. Well with Adobe Photoshop CS6, there are a smattering of new features that aim to make my job more “button click-y” than “skilled work-y.” I’m sure I’m just exaggerating a bit here, as this kind of hysterical, rediculous rhetoric has been thrown around with pretty much every PS release (see “internet comments” on the “internet”), but THIS time “blah blah blah…” 😉

I’m sure I’ll still be able to skillfully remove tattoos, carefully sculpt a jawline or lovehandle, blissfully extend an image 4″ to the left (right, ANNNND bottom), and patiently even out pocked/acne-d/razor-burned flesh tones as per usual… Right?

Content-aware “move”? Gotta love it…