A little something for people interested in becoming a Developer

Having recently “graduated” from a local non-profit programming bootcamp (Nashville Software School) I am often asked a various questions by friends and people I meet about getting into development.  The questions typically boiled down to “what steps to take to see if they have an aptitude for development, and what self-education resources are out there?”

I would tell them about NSS, how I heard about it, some of the steps we took in preparation for class, and tell them I would email them some resources we used as pre-work for along with other things I found helpful along the way. After doing this a few times I thought I should really find an easier way to share this information rather than forwarding an email over and over.

With this in mind, I thought “what better way to share this knowledge/information than to make a living, breathing GitHub repository?” This way it’s editable, shareable, open to collaboration, and always available for people to see. The “Code Shoulder” was born!

I am constantly adding new things I come across, and would love to see some pull requests from other like minded folks trying to help those who want to follow the developer path. By no means is this comprehensive, nor is it perfect. Just a collection of things I’ve found to be helpful (or possibly helpful!) to me on my journey thus far.

The Code Shoulder – A GitHub Repo by Eric Denton


I like puns.

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